Supacat SPV400 undergoes blast testing

The Supacat SPV400 development programme has passed a major milestone having successfully undergone blast testing on 3rd and 4th December. The full technical specification of these tests cannot be revealed for security reasons, however, a ‘significant’ under-vehicle mine blast simulation was conducted as was a ‘huge’ Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) simulation. The results were exceedingly impressive and surpassed expectations.

The SPV’s integrated protection system comprises of a composite crew pod, developed in conjunction with NP Aerospace, mounted on a V-shaped hull. The integrated V-shaped hull successfully deflected the majority of the blast away from the vehicle proving the SPV400’s crew and system survivability capabilities. The system also withstood the effects of the VBIED.

“These tests have broken new ground for vehicles of this size and have proven Supacat’s design philosophy for delivering state of the art lightweight and agile protected vehicles for 21st Century operations”, said Nick Ames, Managing Director, Supacat Ltd.

You can read more about the SPV400 by clicking here.


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